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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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Hitting tips

You know how some guys take people under their wing and give pointers on hitting and defense. I need help fellas in my hitting because next year I would like to be listed as the total package. I'm hitting .500 per tourney but would like to hit higher. I know everyone can't hit the long ball. I just want to get on base to cause problems. I hit .320 career college baseball average. This softball just baffels me. Help!!!!!1 I call on the powers that be. any one with a regiment please send it to

Re: Hitting tips

There was another post on the same topic. Just check it out there is some good stuff on there. I know how you feel I was thinking the same way. So if you get some new info please send it to me too. I also agree with what you said about T.O. seems we share the same ideas

Re: Hitting tips

Hey boards members, whats going on? Hey their was a previous post talking about hitting tips. The post is on down the line and this is the listing it is under. Good luck.

Hitting tips from the best (Willie Brown, Wolf, etc...) Looking to improve 646 31
Oct 27, 05 - 9:45 PM

Re: Hitting tips

#15, you know i felt tha same way like you do now from leaving tha minor leagues & coming into something that's slower coming in at you. Tha main thang to know about this crazy game is to stay focus,determain, & alot of discipline. You said you where hitting 320 in baseball, so in tha softball world you should double that & that's 640avg. Don't come to tha game thinking you'r looking to bat a certain avg because in reality you'r already giving yoself outs before you even take a swing. As someone already said they've posted some things about hitting & there's some great stuff to read, but it's all on you to know what's good fo you because what helps them may not help you. Tha game is to me 75% mental 25% phyical, & 5% desire & passion.For Nelly's team & Class-Act i had a combind 786avg & i know i can bat 800 fo tha whole year, but that dumb swing i did there,here & a few others prevented me fo that to happen & that's where tha mental part comes in at. Good luck derrty & do yo thing yo way because myself,willie,swoll,squarrl,& etc won't be in tha batter's box with you, you'll have to find yo way because you know you better than anyone of us.