BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!

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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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This is for the person dubbed "player" and any one else who feels the need to bash the "PACE" family.

Webster's dictionary decribes a dynasty as a powerful group or family that maintains its position for a long period of time.

After winning our EIGHTH championship in the last twelve years and never finishing out of the top three, I think that when you look up the word dynasty, you can shorten the meaning to just one word: "PACE"!!!!


OK….I'll bite. Are all of your titles BASA or Black American? Because it's starting to look like you're a very big fish in a really small pond. Now don't get wrong Championships are Championships but how do you fare against similar white teams? It's like you beating up your little brother and bragging about it and not facing the "real" bully on the block. Win one of those A Majors or something then come and let me pat you on the back. Cause your arm has to hurt from you trying.


It's not about patting myself on the back, it's about answering to those who always try to knock us when we don't do well, where are they when we play well. At the A/Major level we compete, I look around and I don't see any other black teams out there. You'd know that if you really watched us play.

As far as us beating up on our "little brother", tell him to keep his mouth shut and stop being disrepectful.


Huston55, Pace may be a Dynasty on the black circuit. However, I play against you guys at every Major USSSA tourney and you are in the beer bracket early each weekend. Glad to see you guys testing the waters. Wow, what happened at the USSSA Major at Disney? Enough said!

Not knocking your team, you are good on the black circuit, but you should be playing "B" on the white circuit. I hear the excuses every time you get beat at the Majors... "We are just having fun. We wanted to just drink. We were short handed. Gene didn't show up. I didn't get my money this weekend, so I didn't care about playing." Yeah right!

You guys are winners and you compete on the black circuit as T-Mac states. But that is it!

Truth told!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The excuses that you heard were just that, excuses. We just got beat that's it. As far as being a 'B' team, you must be sick. By the way you said that you play against us at every Major tournament, who are you? If you're going to make statement at least put your real name to it.


Houston55, Gene and Pat are great guys and have been very loyal to the guys that have been with him. If Pace ever wants to really compete and I mean win at the highest level, he has to break his ties and get a younger team of guys.

You must admit, Gene and Pat have been throwing money away taking you guys to the Major tourneys, knowing that you are NOT going to win on your best day. There is no way Pace would ever beat Dan Smith, Bell Corp, Benfield and would probably struggle with Jean Shoppe.

You have your respect on the black circuit and you have earned it. I admit that. However, it's a entirely different game on baseball fields with 90ft bases as you can easily see from your performance from Disney.

Pace has had a great run. It's time to recruit and get some fresh blood. I hope to see you guys next year with some fresh legs.


Hold on. The major level is played on baseball fields with 90 ft. bases? If so, that explains a lot. I always wondered what the purpose was to have any levels above A or competitive.


To Watched you play!! Once again show yourself don't hide behind that keyboard "SKIRT"!! First! you said you played against us in every Major tournament this year. Mistake #1- We only played in four all year due to Gene's health. Second!! You said that you where glad to see us test the waters. MISTAKE #2- WE have been playing major tournaments since 1990!! WOW THATS TESTING THE WATERS!!!HUH!! Third!!!- What happened at The World BEST AND BIGGEST SOFTBALL STAGE AT DISNEY STADIUM> IS WE COMPETED PERIOD!! MISTAKE #3- From my brother/teammate T-MAC> Winners Compete!! FOURTH!!!! You hear the excuses everytime we lose! MISTAKE #4- Everyone makes excuses when things don't go your way. Even you all mighty softball expert. Why won't you use your name!! Oh sorry must be some EXCUSE!! RIGHT!!


Oh! By the way we have won on the white circuit as you call it. We won a major tournament in Cleveland, by beating Bell corp. twice and Steeles. We have also finished runner-up in the A world series twice. Where were you last year when we beat Mountain Top in Disney first game. So get your facts before opening your mouth. But, you where right about one thing. We are a bunch of forty year olds...Playing a young mans game. We will continue to play and compete. Thats CHURCH as the young folks say!! Feel free to reply..My name is Earl Blackmon #22- 44 years young!!


I must admit, my man E-Black put it down properly. We've been playing at the Major level for years, this didn't just start for us yesterday. To my man "Watched you play", how long have you been doing this and how many other black teams have you seen even attempt once what we've been doing for the last decade? We do need to get some young blood, but don't get it twisted, the "old guard" still has something left. Man up and tell us your real name.

Steve Huston #55


What have you done lately? You are only good as your last at bat. 2 and Bar-B-Q at Disney! Oh, you won the USSSA Major Black. Good job. Only two teams actually playing that weekend and that was Pace and Godfather. Everyone else was playing for 3rd.

Watched You Play does have a few valid points and so does Earl. Early in Pace's career, Pace did compete. But now, with the roster that has shown up for the past few years, Pace has been playing for 4 place and below. That's about what a 2-2 or 3-2 gets you in a 9-12 team tourney on the white circuit.

You guys have had your run and it has been a good one.

Now that Pace is putting together an new team, who is staying and who are your picking up?

Softball Nutt
James White is my name!