BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!

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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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The Foot Word: Define LEADERSHIP

I hear the phrase leaders of a team or the word leadership thrown around and I am just wondering how do most define leadership. Of course most of you all know that I am a military guy but to me leadership in a job is not different than leadership on a softball field or the leader of your home. Leadership is providing a purpose, direction and motivation for the people around you. No one is wrong or right because we all lead differently. NOW!!!!you explain your definition.

Re: The Foot Word: Define LEADERSHIP

Leadership is how you carry yourself and the ability to make sound decisions. It's a sacrifice and the willingness to admit when you're wrong and when your right. It's about being humble and wise. Some people are born to be leaders, that's why it's not a's a natural instinct. Leaders know when to say when and when they can actually push there teammates to get optimum results. Leaders don't crack under pressure or let anyone or anything control their behavior. Leadership is about results and having a compassion for whatever you do. Leadership is a way of life.

Re: The Foot Word: Define LEADERSHIP

Leadership is Spritual,Aproachable,Knowledgeable,Dependable,Humble,
Grateful,Blessed,Prepared,Listen,Problem solving.
A man or Woman.(high five)

Re: The Foot Word: Define LEADERSHIP

Foots my derrty, I love what (PAM T) said. It's very true, i believe in that wholeheartly too tha fullest. You set tha standerds for others to follow, but set it soooooo high that it'll be with out a doubt to be impossible for others to reach, but when they do & you seen how hard it was for them to do it; than set another one & etc, etc & believe me tha word leader will be enbedded in you for life just because your teammates, friends, tha other team & of course your hatters will notice that you provide a different taste, sight, & style than others!!!!!

Re: The Foot Word: Define LEADERSHIP

Well said, Pam T, Rainy, and Wolf. In order to be a great leader you must have been a great follower. I would like to see veteran and more experienced players lead more. If you look at the teams that win consistently and look at the leader; you would probably find yourself a great leader. Wolf I admire your game and you lead your people very well and you are very well respected. Great leaders just have it in their blood not to fail.