BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!

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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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A Poem For Kenny

Hello Kenny, I could never imagine this time would come
For me to reminisce and reflect on all of our years of fun

We have been friends for a very very long time
We have watched each other season and develop like a fine wine

You have watched my kids grow from babies to adults
And I remember all your complements on the results

I will never forget the way you run down balls in centerfield
I would say to myself that Kenny is messy but he is the real deal

I watched you play in Jacksonville, Georgia all over the United States you were sent
But I know you really found a softball home with Godfather Management

Your team is comprised of strong talented talkative misfits
That bonded together, and no matter what, refused to Quit

I Love all you guys for the joy and laughter you bring to me
Stay together support one another in remembrance of the legendary Kenny Key

Remember the prayer, Remember the code, and hold your heads high for all to see
Through all the hard times you have come together and developed Competitive Softball F-a-m-i-l-y

To the family of Kenny Key my deepest sympathy goes out to you. To GFM hang in there and be strong, to my Enough Said Family, I love you always, to GA Mix Love and Peace. Last but not least to my sisters, Mary and Cathy (Rangers) you are my girls forever we will draw strength from one another to make it through.

P.S. To 1-9 (New Image) do not get upset when Kenny hits a solo, because remember he did not mean to do it.

Much Love Flo #9 Enough Said

Re: A Poem For Kenny

Great poem that's what the BASA does bring out not only great softball but people that can speak words of the life.