BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!

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BASA, It's Like A Family Reunion Every Weekend!
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"CHURCH" on a TUESDAY.........

I like 2 say hope those that took that trip down 2 Disney had a safe and fun,Wolf is in the mist of brewing a team of players who sleeps and eats for those that don't know....there's a tourney in the LOU this weekend,and it's just as intense as any other,see around here,we call it bragging rights...and boyee do we brag,but it's a local thing you may not understand.....I know some board members has "CHURCH" in they're hometown, keep the Board updated on some that local funk.....Wade,#1,#21,#16,zone3,k5.....And now GHOST,that FAll Team (which) that's all it is...once the season ends players combine and play until it's cold and Ghost wants 2 be the COACH with that HEAT,but you all will never see 1843 unless you're local......REAL may see CITY HITTERS and they kind of reminds me of the EASTSiDE Players with just a little more HR hitters not taking nothing from what I'm "CHURCHING)is Class Act IS not the only team in the lou that will make noise but I think City Hitters has a whip..Me I'm with DERRTY .....Browns need more TALENT...don't allow your mouth 2 expose derelect players on your team, maybe you should combine with maybe the become a better rec team...right now you don't have enough.....and yes,DERRTY RUNS the CITY until beaten...(this is a local your comments.. And I'd like 2 say City Hitters BackYard was a HIT...(THAT's HOW U DO IT FOR THE HOOD>... "CHURCH"

Re: "CHURCH" on a TUESDAY.........

Now that's REAL TALK church

Re: "CHURCH" on a TUESDAY.........

Yeah, that was "REAL TALK" FA SHO! Hey, Church, got something real special coming next season, just need a good pitcher with all those magic tricks! too much drama is bad business, if you know what I mean! Time for fall ball and I'm bringing a big stick!

Re: "CHURCH" on a TUESDAY.........

Well, I have to say Church I couldn't have put it any better.
Class Act will be a team that competes on the highest level
City Hitters will run the City in 2006. I have a confidence in my team (City Hitters) however it will be tough for a 1st year team no matter what talent you have

Re: "CHURCH" on a TUESDAY.........

Yeah CHURCH you couldn't put it better but you must stand up to the challenge that lies ahead for Derrty Ent., which is you guys are losing a lot of key players and this might put you'll back in Rec, LOL>., you must no that if all falls through over there at Derrty Ent. you can come home to where you suppose to be(with the City Hitters) Whats up Tank and let these people hear you loud and clear that in "06" the St. Louis City Hitters will rule the softball in St. Louis and that is CHURCH on Tuesday afternoon. Can I get an Amen!!!!!! You are in my zone, so now get out of the zone. out1........