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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Now that the spring semester is ended, I have some time to try to reorganize my thoughts for the fall. I am hoping to teach an introductory physics course for non physics majors and have the latitude to explore new ideas and integrate physics with society and history. I came across your site while surfing. I noticed some parallels between your concept of “diallel gravitational field lines” and some discussions I was having on the New York Times “dark energy” forum a few years back.
I was not trying to reinvent the laws of gravity at the time, but felt, and still feel, that the outstanding work of Newton, Cavendish, Einstein, Hawking, and others, fail to address the most fundamental question … “how does gravity really work?”. Newton did a fine job on revealing the empirical relationship between mass, force, and distance, Cavendish quantified it in the lab, Einstein gave us some new perspectives on gravity, and Hawking has given us a cosmic view. None, however, really got down to “how” gravity really works.
My perspective was that gravity, on the most fundamental level, is caused by a gravitational field which in essence is repulsive!. This is beginning to be revealed with recent research into dark matter and energy. Let me summarize by comparing a repulsive gravity theory (certainly repulsed by many main stream physicists) with some analogous phenomena:

(to download the entire document in word format go to:

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