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End Times Truths Revealed

The following message pertains to End Times and explains what is required to obtain Eternal Life. It also explains what awaits those who reject the truth. We've been asked to deliver it by the Cherubic Order of Angels, who are our benefactors. We do not judge. Your path is your own. We do not attempt to convert or convince. It's an issue of Free Will. Our only wish is to Inform and Warn of what lies ahead as the culmination of End Times draws to a close. It is our responsibility in our ordination by Christ to deliver it to all God's children as we near the culmination of End Times. Whether you choose to accept this message as truth is up to you as only those hearts that are of a positive nature and open to Christ will.

End Times Truths - Volume 1
An Important End Times Message
End Times Truths Revealed

My Eternal Heaven

Re: End Times Truths Revealed - by K J - Nov 12, 2006 11:45am
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